Monday, February 13, 2012

Birthday blues....Sickies!

My birthday was last thursday, and guess what I am sick! My poppa discovered a red rash underneath my arm and leg pits (Doggies have leg pits?!). Now I have to take some more medicine and use a new shampoo!
Is it time for a bath? No bath for me.

I wish I was a big dog so I do not have to be picked up!

Here is my new medicated shampoo. I don't like it!
Grrr...I hope yall don't have to do this...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Countdown to my birthday! Step one looking good!

It is my birthday on thursday. I will be three years old. In preparation for my birthday, momma and poppa decided it was time for a little grooming...

Yes I went to the groomers. Grrr.
Momma says that I look very handsome.
But Poppa likes the shaggy me better.

What do you think?