Saturday, March 10, 2012

Missing Momma

Sorry I have not been writing but I have been too upset to write. Why? Because momma has moved to Jacksonville, Florida for a job; she says it is only for a short time. But I am still upset and miss momma so much. So every night I have grandmomma send her some pictures of me....

I make sure I am extra cute so momma will return soon!

here's another one!

Momma says that she misses me alot and cannot wait to see me again!  Yeah! I hope she gets back here soon!


Oskar said...

I'm sorry that your mom person is gone, that sucks socks.

As far as getting a kitty, mine were already adult cats when I got here so they weren't very accepting of me. They actually saw me as a nuisance if you can believe that!

I have heard they get along better if you get a baby cat so it grows up always knowing and accepting the doggie.

I hope that helps.

Nubbin wiggles,

Hilary said...

Poor chew, I am sure it is just as hard for momma as it is for you... hang in there

Pup Fan said...

I hope you're reunited with your mama ASAP!

Wyatt said...

Oh, I would just die if my momma left me! You are being very brave Chewy. She will be home soon and I bet she brings you some presents!


Neeko said...

Oh! My poor little friend...
Hope your Mommy returns home soooon! Life is just not the same without our Mommies :o(
Thinking of you...

Neeko :o)

George The Lad said...

Oh Chewy that's terrible hope she comes back home soon
Happy Easter
Love George xxx

John Kendall said...

What a cute little Shih Tzu. Just hang in there Chew momma will come back.

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