Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bath time!

So the other day my momma was reading a post by Busy Buttons, and she saw the cute pictures of Buttons while she was taking a bath. So my momma wanted to take some pictures of me while I was taking a bath! (Grrrr......)

I hate taking baths. My poppa had to trick me by giving me a treat (I can never say no to treats). While I was eating my treat, he picked me up and put me in the sink. Then it was bath time!

I do not like to take baths!

I'm planning my escape!

Is it too far to jump from this countertop.....

Are y'all done yet?

No more baths!

I was so clean when my bath was over. My momma said my fur was silky and I smelled like roses! But I went out and played in the yard again. Now I am a dirty boy again; I do not want to take another bath!

Paws and Licks



Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

That is one of the downfalls of being your size: a sneak attakhk khan find woo in the sink!

I'm not thinking she khould pull that off on me!

I'm glad woo khorrekhted what they did to woo!


Nadine said...

Oh no Chewy...you got tricked!! Don't you hate when these sneaky hoomans do that to us? We are thinking that to avoid baths in the future, you needs to stay clean all the time!

Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell

Pee Ess How cool your Mom's birthday is the same as our's! We're going to have one big party together next year!

Anna the GSD said...

Mom is glad it's warmer cause she likes to combine my trips to the creek to bathtime! It's not too bad, but it still involves soap. BOO!!!!

Leila said...

haha! poor chewy!!! he looks so miserable in the "bath". :( :(

Busy Buttons said...

Oh, Chewy...I'm so very sorry that my horrible bath pictures inspired your Mom to make YOU take a bath...

Boo to baths! Boo to baths!