Sunday, April 18, 2010

The weekends are fun!

I love the weekends! It is sooo much fun. The weekends are fun because my family does not have to go to a place called "work." (What is work momma and poppa get up early and dress in nice clothes. And when they come back at 5:00 pm they are so tired!).

Here is a typical weekend for me:

I get to sleep in as late as I want.

Then I go out on walks.....who is prettier me or the flowers? BOL!

Momma when is my food ready?

More please?

I'm trying to take a nap but my momma keeps taking pictures of me! I want to sleep!

It is just a typical weekend with my momma and poppa! It may be boring but I just want to spend time with my family. Well I'm gonna watch my momma cook some lunch now. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Paws and licks



doggywisdom said...

Hey Chewy, Good that you had a relaxed weekend with ur Pawrents,
ours was so very busy and read about it! hope next weekend wil be fun,

Buddy and Ginger

Leila said...

this blog is by far my most favorite!!! weekends in the eyes of chewy seem so much fun. he's such the family man! i think my favorite pictures are the one of him on the bed and the one where he is showing teeth. :) :)

Leila said...
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Busy Buttons said...

I totally agree! Weekends are the best. Mom and I napped all weekend long. I sure don't want her to have to go back to work tomorrow...and she doesn't want to go, either!

Dory and the Mama said...

What a fun weekend!!

Oh and you are soooo much more pretty than the flowers!!


Nadine said...

Our weekends are just like your's Chewy! We just love it because our hoomans are home to and we have much, much more time to snuggle with them!

Hope your next weekend is even better!

Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell

doggywisdom said...

hey Chewy, u sure should get one of those brushes.u must insist!they are made of that durable rubber our toys are made of and donot hurt at all.
m sure all that fur needs a lot of grooming. u surely will enjoy it.

wags, Buddy

Noodles said...

I have a friend named Rocky. He is a Shih Tzu also. He is black and white though. You are cute like he is.
Love Noodles

Neeko said...

Chewy you are sooo cuuuute! Says my Mommy and my Sis :o)))
Cool post!

Neeko :o)

Danielle said...

Weekends are pretty restful on here too. I get lots of attention and petting from my humans.