Friday, April 9, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Hello everyone!

My name is Chewy and I am a shih tzu! I am one year old! I love to play my momma and poppa! I also love to chew on my toys and my parents shoes! I try to be a very good dog because my poppa always gives me treat when I am a good boy! I love to watch sports with my parents; my favorite sports are football (Roll tide) and baseball (go Yankees!). My favorite show is Mad Men, and my momma got season 3 on DVD! I get to watch the show with my momma!

I love to meet new people and dogs! Everyday I walk around my neighborhood and I say hi to all my neighbors who are walking outside! My neighbors tell me that I am so adorable and my momma told me that I am the talk of the neighborhood!

My momma wants me to be a service dog. I think I would be a great service dog since I love being around people. What I really want to be is an agility king! I love watching the dogs on TV going through those agility courses! My goal is to become an agility champion! I just started the second round of obedience training. I had to repeat the beginner class again. My first class was last night and i got to see some my friends from the previous class. I was so happy because I saw my girlfriend Anna! I am sure Anna and i will pass the class with flying colors!

Every week I will be posting a poll on my blog! Please participate in my poll! Comments are greatly appreciated (no negative comments are allowed!)


Leila said...

very cute! :) you should post more pictures!!

Casey said...

Interesting. All this time, I thought I had Chewie figured out. Now I realize there is so much more to him than I thought...

Haha, it is pretty cute though. Kudos!

Anna the GSD said...

Awesome! Welcome to blogging Chewy!!!