Thursday, April 15, 2010

it is so cool to have online friends!

hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a great week. I had an excellent week. Do you know why? Because i got to meet all sorts of new dogs on my blog! It is so exciting! I wanna thank all of the dogs and their mommas that commented on the blog! It is awesome! I hope to make more friends online!

Thursdays are the worst day of the week for me! My momma goes to work and school all day long. And I get to stay all myself all day! I do not like to be by myself. Today I played a trick with my momma. She takes me for a walk in the mornings around 7:45 and she will walk me for 15 minutes to do my doggie "business." Today I walked for a mile to do my doggie "business" and my momma was almost late for work! My momma can never be too mad at me......I am too cute!

I'm sorry you almost ran late for work Momma! But I want to spend more time with you!

I had class tonight! My teacher used me as a model for correct down stays! It was so exciting! I am totally sure I will pass the beginners class this time! My girlfriend Anna did really good too! She will pass the class too! Yeah!

I can do sit stays too in class!

I gotta go! Tune into tommorrow for a new poll! Do not forget to comment!

Paws and Licks



Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Isn't it fun to make your mom late fur things?!?

We will do know poo befure its time!

Great job on the sit stays - something tells me the teacher would NOT be using me!


Nadine said...

Awww Chewy, who could ever be mad at that adorable face!! We use our adorable faces all the time to get out of trouble, BOL!! Great job at your class, we just know you will pass with flying colors!

Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell

Pee Ess Providence is a great place to visit, if you're ever in the area, we would love to show you around!

Dory and the Mama said...

TeeHee...Good job of making your Mama spend more time with you!!


Anna the GSD said...

It's a lot easier to do good in class minus the Barky McBarkinson dog!! :)

And you mama could never be mad at you! If she did I'd put the bitey on her!! Hee hee!

doggywisdom said...

hey chewy,

glad to see u r so eager to make friends.i and Buddy love to make new friends too..both Pawple and People
i see u hav discovered the trick!i dont do my business till i've checked all d new lizards,bugs n frogs in our colony.and even after that i hang around for 10 more minutes just so that we will have a longer walky time!

Buddy is not very smart in these matters. he does his business within seconds!

btw,congrats!u definitely will pass with superb grades.
Must Confess,Buddy is much more obedient than i am.He is plesed to hear u r following his pawsteps. keep it up

licks n wags, Ginger

Busy Buttons said...

Congrats on class going so well!

Leila said...

haha...doggy business. that's classic!